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This is a story about  Luclei and the memory of visitors.

Episode 1 Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light

'People come to this forest, to lose their memories?'

Fantasy about the mysterious girl Luclei and memories of visitors.
There is a forest in which visitors can forget one painful memory.
In that forest, memories turn into birds and fly off from their owner's nest box. A young man,
Kei (CV: Yusuke Kobayashi) gets lost in the forest and encounters a mysterious girl Luclei
(CV: Rina Hidaka) who lives in the forest and collects birds.
This is a story that connects past, present and future through the lost memory birds.

Episode 2 Innocent Forest: The Bed in the Sky

‘You can forget about me if you want.’ A doctor named Hauser, (voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi) has moved into the town. While he takes a walk in the town, he steps into the forest and then meets a girl, Luclei, (voiced by Rina Hidaka) in the sudden washing rain. Luclei catches a cold by walking in the rain. Hauser has been afraid of facing a patient from his memory of a girl he couldn’t save, but he regains his lost memory with the girl as he nurses Luclei... This Time, series second edition published. 

Ultimate immersive reading experience with the concept of  "VR × Visual novel.”

「FullDive novel」

The background changes scene by scene.

Reading Mode

You can change the window position to read comfortably!

Setting Mode

You can experience the scene as if you are the hero/heroin!

VR Animation


2017/11/26  【NEWS】Visual Novels meets Virtual Reality in this ultimate immersive reading experience.

1st and 2nd episodes of Innocent Forest are launched for GearVR and Oculus Rift on November 30th!




cv. Rina Hidaka


cv. Mayu Yoshioka


cv. Yusuke Kobayashi


Horologer Kei (cv. Yusuke Kobayashi) appears

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Luclei: Rina Hidaka
Kei / Hauser: Yusuke Kobayashi

Passe: Mayu Yoshioka

Based on the novel by Machiko Yomino.

Developer: MyDearest Inc.

Character design: "N"kawa Koichi

3D character modeling: Lettuce Sakiyama

Background 3D modeling: Griot Groove Inc. / Eden Lab

Logo design: Syuhei Koiso

Composer: Yopiin / Yannu / Mio Adachi

Acoustic collaboration: STUDIO Cross Edge

Concept Art collaboration: Munya

English translation: Lapin Inc.

System development: Atsushi Makijima / Akihiro Imada Advertisement producer: Kent Kishigami (MyDearest Inc.) Producer/Directer: Shotaro Chida  


Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light / Innocent Forest2: The Bed in the Sky Genre:VR Visual Novel

Release:November 30, 2017


Platforms : Oculus Rift / GearVR / Virtual Gate

Languages : English / Japanese

Copyrights:(c) 2017 MyDearest Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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